Alejandra O'Leary - BURN ME UP cover art

There’s something to be said for perfectly made pop. For musician Alejandra O’Leary, the execution of this kind of immaculately made noise seems to be an integral part of who she is as an artist. Taking a shimmering set of pop sounds and merging them with a classic rock attitude, she manages to inject her songs with a thrilling momentum. It’s all about splitting the influences with O’Leary, a kind of dichotomous exploration of inspiration and production—a sound that’s easy to feel your way through but far more difficult to describe.

With her new single, “Burn Me Up,” she once again takes these genres to task, drawing out the heart and soul of the sounds until there’s nothing left but pure influence. She then layers each melodic section on top of the next in a winding staircase of effervescent pop rhythms. The song becomes a monument to her being able to rearrange these sounds into something that speaks to her motivations, as well as those of the artists who have had such an obvious impact on her development. “Burn Me Up” is jubilant and ambitious, and you’ll probably be humming it for weeks—and that’s not a bad thing.

– Joshua Pickard,

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