Review: Heartspace Timepiece by Alejandra O’Leary & the Champions of the West

Heartspace Timepiece is a truly modern album that combines most loved elements of rock with unexpected and unique elements, making for a compelling musical landscape. The musicianship is near perfect and the arrangements solid, thus reaching for a mystic musical vista that is a joy to hear. Just when you least expect it, the pedal steal comes in all dreamy, making your heart ache with love of beauty. Alejandra has an unforgettable voice that adds an emotionally satisfying element to the music, as she sings with a heartache specific to this generation. She has a raw beauty that needs no dolling up, and a pure and strong spirit that shines through. Her presence is compelling and intimate in a way that is lost on most popular music these days.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Windows”. I will say simply that it is an achingly beautiful song in lyric and style and uses song writing elements to build to sweet climax in the chorus. The use of pedal steal in this song is as good as it gets.

Compositions such as “Mine that Groove”, and “New Low”, combine familiar elements and guitar licks with quite unique and unexpected elements. There something that gives one a sense of comfort all the while remaining fresh and unique. The situations described in these and other songs provide intriguing scenarios which linger long after the song has ended.

In the song “Beat Ohio”, she starts with the question, “why are you always pretending you are from the North East, did someone lead you on?” And she goes onto to paint an intriguing picture of someone, just enough to be intriguing but not enough to spoil. Through one unique story she illuminates a universal theme about identity in the modern landscape. Of course she does so in her own witty way which is impossible to describe. You must hear for yourself and enjoy each new musical landscape. In short, the album ends all to quickly, leaving you wanting more. I sincerely hope this artist and her crew keep creating and seeking, as the world needs more great songs and albums such as Heartspace Timepiece.

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